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The Internet has become a convenient, common and acceptable new place to find matches for smart, eligible people. As a result, many individuals are looking for relationships online with people they have not met and know little about. While matchmaking sites like holymatrimonial.com make the experience enjoyable and safe, it is still necessary for you to exercise some simple precautions for your safety. Here are some guidelines YOU can follow to protect your privacy.

Keep your identity hidden
With online dating and matrimonials, anonymity is a necessity. Think about it. Would you ever hand out your phone number or address to strangers walking on the street? NO. Then why reveal your contact information to the millions of strangers surfing the web?

Make sure that you do not give out your contact information anywhere in your personals advertisement or your profile. This includes your full name, address, work place address, telephone number and even your email address. Also, ensure that the matrimonial service you chose does not disclose your contact information to any third party.

Begin by communicating online
When you like someone begin by first communicating solely by email or online chat. Donít jump into telephonic conversations or personal meetings prematurely. Take your time and give yourself a chance to know more about the person. holymatrimonial.com even provides you with your very own messaging service, which is completely anonymous. In addition to it being important for your safety, itís simply practical! While searching online, chances are you would be communicating with several potential partners at the same time. In such a scenario, it would be extremely difficult and expensive to keep in touch with them all, over the phone or in person.

Look out for evasiveness and inconsistencies
Once you start communicating via email and chat, take care to notice odd behavior or inconsistencies. If someone is evasive, then chances are they may not be completely above board. People can sometimes exaggerate or embellish their profiles to create good impressions. Its up to you to ferret out the embellished profiles from the truly good ones. Remember, that while some people do fake their profiles, most others are simply genuine singles looking for a good match - much like your self!
Also, if you do find out that a person has embellished his/her profile do contact customer support. Sites like holymatrimonial.com have strict rules and policies for misrepresentation on the site.

Request for a photograph
A photograph puts a face to the person you are getting to know. While you cannot judge a book by its cover, a photograph does help you to picture the person you are communicating with. Additionally, it immediately allows you to judge the truthfulness of a personís physical description about himself / herself. Based on this you can form a general opinion about other information the person has revealed.

Let's talk
A phone call can reveal a lot about a person's communication and social skills. It is worth the cost of the call to protect your security.
Do not give out your phone number to a stranger. Trust takes time to develop. Only once you have gained sufficient information to satisfy yourself that you are definitely interested in the person, should you furnish your phone number.
Also, call unexpectedly once in a while. The response you get from the other person can be very informative.

The big meeting - Careful!
Meeting a potential match is a big step and you should agree to a meeting only when you are completely ready. Do not get pressurized into a meeting.
When you decide to meet the person, proceed with caution. Arrange the meeting on your terms.
  • If you are both comfortable, then bring along a relative or close friend to the first meeting. If things go well, you can choose to continue the meeting alone or to meet again a second time and get to know each other better. Also, you will get a second opinion on your choice.
  • If you are meeting alone then always tell someone you trust where you are going and when you will return. Leave the personís full name and telephone numbers with that person.
  • Always meet in a public place that you are familiar with the first time. Being in a place you are familiar with will make you comfortable and reduce the awkwardness of first meetings. Getting together for coffee is a pleasant, casual way to get to know someone.
  • Take your own transport and meet the person at a pre-determined destination.
Pay attention to everything that this person has told you about him or herself. If you find out that your date has lied about anything, then perhaps you need to reconsider this match.

All things said, the best way to safeguard your privacy and protect yourself is to trust your instincts. Listen to your mind in matters of your heart!

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