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34 yrs, Un Married, chennai, India, Christian Converted Born Again, Bachelors in Physiotherapy, Health Care Professional Our daughter was babtised by holy spirit
and she was ministry oriented and we wish
her future by name of Our Holy God Jesus. >>
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28 yrs, Un Married, ponnur gunturdist, India, Christian Converted Born Again, , Not working She is God fearing straight forward girl with positive attitude. She is obedient and kind hearted. >>
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25 yrs, Un Married, NA, Australia, Christian Pentecost, Bachelor of Medical Science and Masters in Nursing from University of Sydney, Australia, Nurse Pentecostal parents seeking alliance from GOD fearing Pentecostal grooms who are qualified and interested in spirit ... >>
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25 yrs, Un Married, CHENNAI, India, Christian Born Again, , Accountant Praise The Lord , >>
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31 yrs, Un Married, Bitragunta, India, Christian CSI, , Pharmacist I am god fearing. I want the same person. >>
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30 yrs, Un Married, , India, Inter Religion Born Again, , Lawyer Me
It is difficult to pen down everything about one self, however in short I can say that am a person who is God f ... >>
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27 yrs, Un Married, , India, Christian Pentecost, Doctor of Pharmacy, Health Care Professional Our daughter is a born-again, baptized & Holy Spirit-filled girl. She has completed Doctor of Pharmacy and currentl ... >>
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35 yrs, Un Married, Chennai, India, Christian Born Again, , Software Consultant My daughter is a simple and well nurtured girl.She is God Fearing and would prefer a Partner who would share her re ... >>
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29 yrs, Un Married, Hauz khas, India, Christian Catholic, , Economist Hi. I have discerned my vocation to the married state and I hope to find a person I can settle down with. Marriage ... >>
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30 yrs, Un Married, Pune, India, Christian Pentecost, , Doctor She is born again, spirit filled child of God. She wants to be a missionary doctor and she is fully aware of her ca ... >>

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