Search for Groom, Age from 18 - 35 years ,
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30 yrs, Un Married, ,   United Arab Emirates, Christian Nadar, , Marketing Professional I am working as Marketing Execuite in a Pvt Company in Dubai. I used to involve with my church activities (CSI ST. ... >>
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35 yrs, Un Married, Station Ghanpur, India, Pentecost, , Evangelist I am God fearing, jovial, loving person. I have completed Praise be to God ????.

Masters in Journalism, LLB, B.T ... >>
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29 yrs, Un Married, , India, Christian Protestant, , Software Consultant I am simple and prayerful.down to earth >>
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34 yrs, Un Married, Jaipur, India, Christian Born Again, , Self-employed Person I’m a quiet person and a person who loves to explore and end up learning all kinds of new thing.
I was born agai ... >>
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26 yrs, Un Married, dallas, United States, Christian Born Again, , Engineer Looking for a girl with pentecostal back ground must speak English. >>
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29 yrs, Un Married, Thiruvalla, India, Christian Born Again, Polimer Technology, Manager piyush born and brought up in a middle class hindu family and lived without 2014 jesus has came to his lif ... >>
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30 yrs, Un Married, Memphis, United States, Christian Born Again, Information technology, Business Person I am very cool, faithful on god and go to church and gym. I am looking for marriage, I like traveling, long drive, ... >>
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29 yrs, Un Married, bhubaneswer, India, Non-Christian Indian Orthodox, , Engineer - Project hi , i m tushar , i need lovely beautiful nd honestly girl.only love me >>
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30 yrs, Un Married, Hyderabad, India, Christian Converted Born Again, Post Graduate, Marketing Professional I’m originally from Kolkata and have lived there for over 15 years and have been living in Hyderabad since 2006. ... >>
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28 yrs, Un Married, THIRUVANANTHAPURAM, India, Christian Born Again, , Writer I'm a born again follower of Jesus Christ. I would like to lead a cherishing life guarded and guided by the holy sp ... >>

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