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Dear Friend in Christ,
The most important person in the entire world is the one you are going to marry! You must base your marriage on CHRIST, not on your spouse! You must love your spouse based on God's performance, not your spouse!'

The HolyMatrimonial.com is started as part of ShalomIndia.net group sites to provide matrimonial service to Christian believers all over the world.

Everything that God creates has a structure. God gave us structure to protect us. The family (one man, one woman bearing children) is the very first institution ordained by God.  

Many couples spend far more time planning for a one-day wedding than for the lifelong marriage that should follow it. As a result, over half of all marriages fail, ending in divorce, often with former partners becoming mortal enemies! Other couples are just as unhappy, but perhaps cannot afford a divorce, or stay together only because of the children or other social or business reasons. 

The HolyMatrimonial.com is started to provide matrimonial service exclusively for to the Children of God all over the world with Christian marriage guidance.
Holymatrimonial.com's  one simple objective is to provide Christians  with a superior matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential life partners.

HolyMatrimonial.com is now a easy process, because its a complete web based auto system.  Holymatrimonial.com is set with a mission, and a promise. Holymatrimonial.com is dedicated to provide you with the ultimate partner search experience and believes that no other matrimonial service can provide you with the value that Holymatrimonial.com can. So much so, that our service is backed by an unconditional guarantee.

The HolyMatrimonial.com platform where one can express all his/ her needs and also find the person who can satisfy them.

HolyMatrimonial.com team appeal to all the Children of God and Christian Leaders to come forward and submit the profile of their marriageable sons, daughters, relatives, believers and help them to find a Godly life partner.

Let's help each one of our friends  to take bold steps to find the right partner to our kith and kin. Please also inform your friends and relatives about HolyMatrimonial.com so that they can also submit their complete details by filling up the form available on the website.

If we receive your whole-hearted support, this ministry become fruitful to Lord's Kingdom. Hence we once again request you to take a bold initiative and forward profiles of your marriageable sons, daughters, relatives  and so on. Please also inform your friends and relatives about HolyMatrimonial.com.
We also welcome your valuable creative ideas and suggestions to make this Ministry helpful to the Kingdom of God.

HolyMatrimonial.com  Registration is Free. Paid subscription is available to maintain the running cost of the web site.

We thank you for visiting us and hope that we can help you meet the right person.

May God bless!
In Christ,
HolyMatrimonial.com Team

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